The Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO) is a medical organisation representing the majority of the medical professional's organisations in Britain that have private practice committees.

FIPO was formed in 2000 to provide an overarching body for the many specialist and other medical committees acting on behalf of the profession in the independent sector. FIPO will thus provide guidance, policies and co-ordination to these medical organisations. FIPO seeks to work constructively with all independent hospital providers and the private medical insurance industry and hopefully together to advance the cause of independent healthcare.

FIPO also acts to preserve and promote the highest standards of clinical care, reflecting FIPO's concern to put the patient first.

Some Recent and Archived Issues of Interest

FIPO Appeal to the Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT)
The FIPO Appeal to the CAT- outcome

FIPO Press Statement

FIPO has issued a Press Statement which can be seen here.

FIPO to Appeal to the Competition and Markets Authority Report
FIPO has lodged an appeal against the CMA report.

'What now for the Profession and the Patients?' Report of LCA meeting

The London Consultants Association held a meeting on the 14th May 2014 at the Kings Fund – discussing aspects of the Competition Commission Report.

  • FIPO Surveys, Newsletters and Information for Consultants March 2013
    In response to recent changes in Bupa's insurance changes FIPO has issued consultant newsletters and a Patient Leaflet.

    Bupa Reimbursement Cutbacks and Open Referral May 2012
    Bupa has engaged in an "open referral" for patients whilst simultaneously reducing benefits to patients for consultant fees across a range of specialties.

    FIPO Consultant Appraisal Services (FIPO-CAppS) May 2012
    This new service for consultants in the independent sector has been set up to provide appraisals, Multi-source Feedback (360º appraisal) and advice on all aspects of revalidation in the independent sector. A Pilot Study has been performed to test the appraisal system.

Medical Indemnity October 2011
FIPO has commissioned an independent enquiry into professional medical indemnity.

FIPO Quality Statements June 2011
FIPO have produced a Quality Statement on orthopaedic surgery

Two FIPO Consultant Surveys – May 2010 and July 2010

FIPO has carried out two separate surveys in response to questions raised first by AXA PPP in terms of patient reimbursements and second with regards to BUPA’s approach to “quality and consultant recognition”.

AXA-PPP New Approach on Fee Reimbursements to Consultants - March 2010

AXA-PPP is issuing new instructions for many established consultants asking them to adhere to a new low fixed fee schedule. FIPO has responded with a detailed consultant questionnaire which gives the professional view of this situation.

BUPA Insurance Announce New Terms and Conditions for Consultants – July 2010

BUPA Insurance has announced new conditions for consultants seeking recognition. This has widespread implications for all consultants...

Fee Arrangements - February 2010
FIPO is providing new information and documentation about fee arrangements for consultants, patients and General Practitioners...

FIPO Patient Charter
FIPO launched its Charter on the November 26th 2007 at Church House Conference Centre, Westminster with presentations by the Chairman of FIPO and the Minister of Health Professor Lord Darzi to an audience of patients, professionals, politicians, hospital providers and think tank representatives...

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